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Apricot orange self with darker rays around orange beards.

Type: Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB)





Bloom Season:Very Early Season



Height:7.5 inch

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Everyone will have their favorites. I have ordered hundreds of iris from schreiners. I have never been disappointed.

Lawrence A Crocker

I received my daylily order yesterday, and I am so excited! These are the biggest-healthiest daylily fans I have ever ordered from anyone! Each daylily has a minimum of four or five fans, so no doubt they will produce abundent blooms next year! I can hardly wait! Thank you Schreiner's for your excellent products and speedy service!

Marilu Clift

We lived in the St. Louis metro area, both downtown and out in the country, and I always had too much shade. I was not able to grow anything that was sun loving and, of course, that included the iris. However, I would go to the Missouri Botanical Garden and see the unbelievable display of irises there! Of course, I wanted them all and could not grow them. After my husband and I retired we moved to Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. And, again, I could not take any plants into a foreign country! We decided to move to Aiken, SC, after 12 years and have not been disappointed in this beautiful place! Everybody, and I mean, EVERYBODY!, Is a gardener! I had been reading your catalog for years! And loved every single one. Last year was the first time I ordered your Iris and I cannot tell you how delighted I was by the packaging, the service, your catalog, planting instructions, and the blooming this year was unbelievably outstanding! Even though my rhizomes were only a year old, the massive clumps I am getting this fall are incredible. I am very careful not to divide the repeat bloomers……I have placed another order that is now in progress. I cannot wait to decide where I am going to be putting those! I tell everyone about you all. Many thanks for taking such great pride in your product! All the best, Nancy Daniel.

Nancy Daniel

I purchased a couple dozen different iris's that arrived healthy, easily identified with labels and the bulbs were a good size! I planted in a temporary location as I still was working on their permanent location. Yesterday, transplanted them to the permanent location and they had doubled in size and the roots had more than doubled. I have found that online ordering can be risky, but not so with Schreiners. They are beautiful large bulbs and I have great expectations for them. Thank you, I will be coming back often!

Pat Tollefson

Totally surprised with the size/solidness of the irises that I ordered/received. Very matured tubers and it’s best to order asap because they do sell out. Looking forward to the blooms..

Julius Young

Got my iris in great shape. Didn't get all of them but got a credit and a personal letter from Schreiners explaining why. Was so happy with this. Then I knew exactly why I didn't get the item. Have ordered from Schreiners before and have never been disappointed. Very hot here in northern Illinois at this time of year and watering every other day so hoping they make it. Can't say enough good things about them.

Joanne Sabotta

This week I received my order, unpacked it and planted the rhizomes. I've been establishing a new garden this year and ordering lots of plants. Your packaging and labeling was far and away the best of any I've seen. The huge, healthy rhizomes were tucked away in excelsior (who does that these days?!?) and each one was beautifully labeled with a photo of the bloom. No way to mix these up when planting. Thanks for making my end of the transaction almost as easy as ordering!

Julie Kane

Just got my first shipment from you guys today & wow very nice and the packaging was great. Got them into the ground and ready for next year blooming, cannot wait. Will only buy my Iris from your company only, Thank You

Sandy Starr

I had never ordered from your company before but I will never order from anyone else. I have never had plants shipped so well. From the labeling of the plants to the delicate packaging, everything was so professionally done. I can’t wait to see these beauties bloom next year. Thank you for renewing my faith in plant companies. I am a fan for life.

Debra Cassell

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