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I ordered 7 re-blooming iris last Spring. The rhizomes were splendid and although planted after a longer than recommended delay, all are thriving with multiple fans of leaves and here it is toward the end of October and one is going to apparently "rebloom" even though it went in the ground less than 2 months ago. Amazing. I am anxious to see what next spring will bring. Thank you for the October surprise and the anticipation of amazing things next year.


My lovely Lady Friend irises, not even one year since they arrived to Chile and they are blooming already, almost a month earlier than any other variety. Spectacular! Thank you Schreiner´s iris Farm.

Amazing Daylilies

For over a decade Schreiners has been my source for the very highest quality Iris. I purchased daylilies from an “equivalent nursery for Hemerocallis.” I had always been impressed by their large, high quality plants. WOW is all I can say about the enormous, beautiful, healthy daylilies from Schreiners that truly exceeded any of my expectations! The bonus plant is just as beautiful, gigantic and healthy as the one I ordered . They are truly such high quality plants that I don’t believe any words can do them justice ! Thank you !

Happy Second Year Gardener

My second year order arrived right on schedule and they're ALL in the ground and showing good signs of growth. Thanks again from Massachusetts!

My orders

Thank you for the beautiful flowers! I can’t have one favorite, I love them all!

Thank You!

I received my order of iris and daylillies in July in two separate shipments. I am very impressed with what I received. I was especially worried about the daylilles since it has been so hot this summer but everything looks great and plants are doing well. I appreciated the extra plants that came with the order. Highly recommend Shreiners.

Iris order

I am very pleased with the plants I received. I am 74 years young and remember my mom ordering from you. You are my go to place when ordering more plants. Thank you.


Image Testimonial

More than happy with my bright and colorful Throb iris growing in the south of the world, thank U Schreiner´s team!

Iris order

Received my iris order August 2- beautiful, large irises. Got them planted the day I received them. It is really hot in zone 7a in August. Mulched and keeping them watered- looking forward to these new blooms mixing with my existing irises spring of 2022.


I just received my first order of iris and it won't be my last. Great quality and much bigger than any I have ordered elsewhere.

Thank you!!

I just received my collection of potted Iris, beautiful, healthy! I am so ready to plant today. I know the gift of these flowers will be worth the wait. Jerri

Cape Cod Weeder

Why oh why did I not find this tool sooner? What a joy to have a tool that makes clumped grass and weed removal easier! This tool is well made, sturdy and nicely put together with a handle that is comfortable in my smallish hand though larger hands will find it equally fitting. Great tool. I'd buy it again if I ever needed to. Thanks for the right tool to solve a host of problems.


Image Testimonial

This is a photo of Uprising, that I got from you last year. This spring, one rhizome sent up FIVE bloom stalks!!

Tall bearded iris, Sunrise Splendor

Sunrise Splendor arrived very early in August. It was planted about 3 week's later. A freeze was predicted for nights, the weekend of October 23rd 24th, and 25th . One bloom stalk stood out in the iris bed, Sunrise Splendor's. No bloom showed real color, perhaps due to Sunrise Splendor's coloration. I cut it and put it in water in the house. Next morning it was beginning to unfurl. Next day. it was in nearly full bloom. That bloom has had it's turn and another graces the table. Its shape and proportions are my favorite. The placing and configuration of the colors is lovely beyond description. I think of it as The Promise. It is the promise for next spring. Thanks, and P.S. Its growing conditions at your garden were superb for it to have bloomed this fall. Favorite configuration, proportions, placement of colors. Thanks, Mary Morrison

Iris & Daylilies - Over the Moon

Wow! I’m absolutely over the moon about my iris rhizomes I received from you in mid August. I ordered a reblooming variety called Earl of Essex and 3 of the 8 plants I ordered are just about ready to bloom. One has 4 buds. Who knew! Based on the exceptional quality of the iris rhizomes I ordered daylilies a few days later, a variety called Tempt Me. They’ve sent up a couple of shoots as well so I’m going to get a bloom or two before frost. I’m not sure what kind of fairy dust you’re sprinkling but it seems to be working. Thank you for giving me such unexpected pleasure in this uncertain time of COVID. Eleanor McGrath


Had a vert tough gardening year but my daylily collection was fine. My irises also seem to be doing great. Please continue with your great plants. Been a long time customer who have retired recently.

Daylily Order

My daylily order was shipped on 9-14-20. I received my plants on 9-18-20. I ordered 5 different varieties (one was for 2). My order came in beautiful. Very large healthy plants. I was surprised with two bonus plants. I had just gotten my bed ready to plant so I planted that day. One of the bonus plants has sent up a bloom scape. I am so excited to have blooms in Oct. I live in Texas and we have had a few nights of colder than normal temps. I highly recommend buying daylilys from Schreiner's Gardens. Looks like I need to make more daylily beds so I can order again.

tall bearded iris

I am extravagantly pleased by the tall bearded iris plants you sent me in August, 2020.: fresh-looking plants, green fans, and large, rhizomes, with lots of little rootlets. Fast forward to OCT 2020: the plants are well established, and the center fan of each plant has grown several inches. I have never received a better shipment of plants in 40+ years of gardening. You have earned my trust and loyalty as a customer.


I will order irises from Schriener's Iris Gardens before I consider ordering from any other company. The size and health of the plants exceeds other similar vendors. Happy with my purchases!

Daylily order

My daylilies arrived today. I am so pleased! They are such nice, big, healthy looking plants. I can't wait to see them in bloom. Thank You! I will definitely order again once I make more garden space.

Happy customer

After deciding to plant Iris in our yard after a 15 year hiatus, I found your site and was amazed at your huge selection of not only Iris, but Daylillies as well. After much research, I placed an order with you and I was very pleased with the way my rhizomes were packaged and shipped. I had to go back and order another group of Daylilies. I will definitely order from you good folks again next year, I've already placed some choices that were sold out in my wish list. Regards, Lee Cox

Strong healthy Iris

IN THE PAST, I have shied away from mail order plants because they are disappointingly small and frequently don't make it through the first season. NOT SO with Schreiner's. I have now ordered several plants with well developed roots and robust stalks, not to mention beautiful varieties that I cannot find locally. From now on, Schreiner's will be my only online order source. Also...excellent customer service. I am impressed!

Fabulous Daylillies and Iris

I am impressed with my Daylily and Iris shipments. Big healthy divisions exploded to life. After a few weeks daylillies growing well and multiplying, some are blooming already throwing up multiple scapes. I bought mostly reblooming daylillies so I could enjoy them for a prolonged season. Iris rhizomes were huge and growing very well in just a few days from planting. Can't wait till spring. Can't wait for my next trip to Oregon during blooming season. I will be bringing my camera!

Amazed by your daylilies!

Image Testimonial

This year I purchased my first 6 daylilies from you. Two were shipped early in July and are doing well and growing. The second four were shipped later. Two of these have already flowered (Coconut Grove and today She Can Tango) and a third is about to! I never thought I would see them until next year or so. Here is She Can Tango in all her glory.

Iris rhizomes

I am new this spring to mail order gardening. I wanted some iris rhizomes for fall planting and I placed my first small order with Schreiner’s They arrived beautifully packed and labeled and the plants are of superior quality. I can’t wait for bloom in the spring. As an experiment, I placed two small orders with competitors and was very disappointed with the quality; poorly packed and labeled and the rhizomes were dry and a couple were rotted. I re-ordered from Schreiner’s last week and am awaiting the box. The enclosed booklet about iris cultivation is a real plus. I am a fan!


This time I ordered daylilies. I was impressed with the size and condition of the plants. I got them in the ground right away, and they have already started blooming. I couldn't believe it we have been having a very hot, dry summer here. Just beautiful!!


I received several daylilies about a month ago. The plants were very large and healthy. The plants were 3 to 6 fans each. Two of the plants are getting ready to bloom after being in the ground for less than one month. My second order just went in the ground today, cant wait to see if they grow as quickly. Will definitely order more next year!


Wow... I planted my Iris about 3 weeks ago and two are already to bloom. I have never seen such healthy rhizomes from a mail order place. Thank you

Condition of my iris shipment

Order#2011685 and 2020017 I am very disappointed in the size and condition of what I received one of mine cost $24.00 and it was small with very little root. I will not order again.

HUGE tubers

I have dealt with a goodly number of Iris companies. But I have to say, the tubers I got from Schreiner's are the largest and healthiest ever. Thank you. We got them in the ground minutes after they arrived. I have been wanting the Dracula's Kiss Iris for a while. Now I have two very nice settings.

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