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Here at Schreiner's Iris Gardens, we take as much care with our Customer Service as we do with breeding and growing the very best Iris. One of our prized collections in the office is the file of correspondence received over the years. Below you'll find emails from several recent customers. We invite you to share your experience growing Schreiner's Iris. To share your experience, please click the "Submit a Testimonial" button. Thank you and Happy Gardening!

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Customer for Life!

I received my Iris shipment this morning. Thank you so much again. If anyone is considering on whether to buy from Schreiners, what are you waiting for? They have the best Iris selection and Daylily selection I have ever seen, and their prices are great also. They also have the most friendly staff I have ever dealt with, and they are so friendly and helpful and generous. What more could anyone ask for? Schreiner's are above and beyond any other company that I have dealt with. I have ordered from dozens of other companies, not one stands up to Schreiner's in every area. Check out their Iris and daylilies, you won't be sorry. Take some home with you, just as I did. Thank you so very much again. Terry W., Arizona.  Customer for LIFE!

I'm Impressed!

I remember my grandmother weeding her quarter acre of Iris' in her bare feet. In June, the site was unforgettable. Through the use of your product, I am trying to continue this Comstock family tradition. So far, my garden is far from that large but I have the land to start. Your rhizomes are the healthiest I have EVER experienced. If they are planted soon enough, they will even bloom that season. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share how scrumptious the blooms that were produced by these rhizomes. Now I wish I did. All I know is that the only compliments I received were on a Schreiner's plant. I will use no other company to continue my dream. Pam Comstock of Cadillac, Michigan

My daylilies are blooming.

The daylilies I ordered and planted last fall are starting to bloom. Every morning is a new adventure as I go out first thing to see what has opened. I couldn't be more pleased. I have another order coming and may order more if I can get the bed ready. I've looked at several other grower/suppliers and always come back here. Beautiful daylilies, great plants, generous bonuses. Why shop elsewhere?


I was really stunned when My Iris's bloomed the first year planted. They were so gorgeous. Only one did not bloom and I am sure it will bloom next year.

Lovely Iris in Bloom

My iris were so lovely this year and I look forward to the blooms every year. The plants are so hardy and continue to bloom even more every year.

Amazing size and color

I toured your gardens in 2018 while visiting in Oregon. I grow your irisís at my home in NJ. They are the largest and most beautiful flowers around! Stunning and bring such joy to everyone who sees them.

Love all my irises from Schreiners gardens

Image Testimonial

Head over Heels !! One of my favorites I purchased last year. Always a great experience

Iris Queen

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Schreiner's Iris. When I was living in Lake Placid I had easily 200 varieties of iris that I obtained through several sources, a majority through Schreiner's. I was known as the iris queen. Unfortunately when I moved, because it was winter, they stayed. Now, at my new home in MD, I have to rebuild my collection, and will probably get most of my new iris here. My only regret is that they don't carry more rare cultivars.


Image Testimonial

Oh my! I canít say enough about my irises. They all came up and were beautiful. So happy with my purchase.

Love Schreiner's Iris

I have been a Schreiner's customer for over 2 decades and 4 different homes (Maryland, North Carolina, Washington and Missouri). Schreiner's is my first order for my garden in each home. The irises that they send are large and very high quality. I have never had one fail. I highly recommend Schreiner's irises to anyone wanting a great choice of colors, form and prices.


Image Testimonial

I purchased many Iris bulbs over the summer sale and now rebloomers are blooming! I planted a trio of various ones based on when they bloomed, contrasting colors etc. This purple and white one is Bountiful Harvested planted with pink colored Lenora Pearl, light & dark blue Best Best and white/cream called Invitation. They all came out in excellent condition and turned out fine even those that didn't get planted till a bit later than they should. We LOVE them!!

Enthusiastic Rebloomers

I purchased five reblooming iris from you this year. They were large rhizomes and the fan was bright green and luscious looking. Three out of the five sent up buds two weeks after I planted them. I cut them off because this year they need to grow roots. I hope they like their home as well next year.

Healthy Plants, Great Service

I ordered iris and daylilies a year ago. They arrived quickly, were big starts, and were very healthy. Every one survived and have done very well. I'm very impressed with Schreiner's and will order again. Thank you for great service and wonderful plants. By the way, the web site is easy to use too.


Thank you, Schreiner's, for the beautiful rhizomes I receive when I purchase from you. Have not had one problem with them growing and blooming. Planted some for my elderly mother and she was so delighted with the quality. Wish I did not live halfway across the country so I could come by and give you all a hug. :-) Marie

daylily order

I received my second daylily order this past Fri. Two have already budded. Of the order that I received a month ago, four of the seven have budded, one bloom will open tomorrow. I can't wait!

Quality of iris plants

I have ordered iris from many different sellers. I am so impressed with the iris I just received. They are huge and healthy. I will be buying my iris from these folks from now on. Hands down, impressed.

German Iris

First time ordering anything from your company. Could not believe the size, quality and good health of the German Iris I just received in the mail! Thank you for caring about what you sell. I will never buy German Iris from anywhere else again!!. Thank you!!


Early this fall I decided that I would like to plant some daylilies. I've always liked Bill Maryott's iris and decided to look at his daylilies at Schreiner's. I loved what I saw and placed two orders. When they arrived I couldn't have been more pleased. Large healthy plants with multiple increases. Generous bonuses. I am prepeparing a bed to order next spring.

Receipt of order

Image Testimonial

I have received my first order from Schreiner's recently. They are planted. They are absolutely the biggest and best Iris I have seen! I am SO looking forward to Spring to see them as they flower! Thank you for the lovely plants. Hoping that NW Indiana is friendly to them. In the two weeks since planting, we have had one day with 4 inches of rain, another two days with a full inch, and it is storming outside right now! I will be adding a bit of soil to them, as they have had the topsoil that they were planted in drenched and some of it is now not where I want it! Joy of gardening in the MidWest!

Wonderful Iris

I received my iris order last week and am so impressed with the size and quality of the plants. I will never buy prepackage iris again. These plants are freshly dug and at least 3 times the size of the iris I have purchased in the past. I will buy iris form Schreiner's again.

Very satisfied customer

Received my of 9 bearded irises yesterday. I was amazed at the quality. Large rhizomes, some even had new shoots coming out. Got them planted today. Canít wait to see them bloom next spring!


Just received daylilies that were on sale. I have never seen such large plants and root systems. Will definitely be ordering more next year. Can't wait till they bloom next year. Just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer so hope I am here to see them next year. Thank you so much.

iris tradition

I remember as a kid my grandma would order iris from you. Her favorite was the loop to loop and it was my favorite too. She shared her bulbs with me and I have them at my house too. Some of my bulbs are about 30 years old


Every time I I receive my order I am amazed at the quality of the plants. Five to ten times the size of bareroot irises and day lilies that are from anybody else. It makes me wish I had an acre lot to plant . I wil never buy irises or daylilies from anyone else. Howard Killian

Nice plants

My club, IDIS, received an order of both daylilies and Iris. Wow! Huge plants, great variety and bonuses,too! Thank you!

New Growth

Image Testimonial

Left OR on 7/15/19. traveled 2500 miles to TN.. in the ground early 7/23 - "new-growth" shown 9/17/19. Each 'name, etc. label in individual 'snack' bag! Unbelievable growth in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!!

daylily order

I just received my order. I could not wait to tell you how pleased I am.I have been buying daylily plants for 25 yrs. from many growers and I have never gotten any as healthy and robust. I have over 600 and I am age 74. I have got to sell some of my old ones to make room for more of yours. As a MG, I will surely be recommending you.

New 'Rebloom' bud"

Image Testimonial

Less than two months from your back yard [ and 2500 miles ] to my front yard.. Again and Again does it again!!!

Unbelievable... thank you all.


Nicest plants I have ever received. Healthy! oh my! I will order again. Thank you.

Iris order received from OR to ARK

I was so impressed with the shipment I received. Iris were beautiful, full and green. Packed so carefully with love. Full instructions on all you need to know. This company takes PRIDE. I bought over 10 yrs ago in CA and the service has not changed. I can't wait for spring!

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