Siberian Iris


Siberian Iris (like Lavender Bounty pictured left) are tall, graceful plants with slim, grassy foliage. They are suitable for borders, wild gardens, and along edges of ponds, but not for growing in water. Originating in an area spanning from northern Italy across Turkey and into southeastern Russia, the Siberian Iris does not actually grow in Siberia.


Siberian Iris are among the easiest of all types of Iris to raise and bloom in the temperate climatic zones. Their graceful stems, blooms, foliage, and neat habit of growth make them the most adaptable Iris for the perennial border and for landscaping. Their handsome foliage is attractive all year, even when the first frost turns them a rusty red-brown, although we recommend trimming back the foliage in late fall to discourage pests from overwintering. Here we provide further tips on growing and caring for your Siberian Iris.