Can I plant Bearded Iris in Containers?

Love the idea of iris in containers
on a sunny patio or balcony? Iris can be grown in containers with much success.
Follow these simple steps:

: Select a roomy pot.
It needs good drainage, and it should be the final container for your spring
bloom. For Tall Bearded and Intermediates, use a one-gallon size at least. For
Dwarf Iris a 6” to 8” pot will work.

: Soil should be
a good potting soil that drains well. You can use a general potting soil found
at most garden centers, but avoid potting soils high in Nitrogen.

: Leave the soil
at least one inch below the container’s rim, and be sure the top of your
rhizome is exposed. Water only when the top two inches of soil are dry, as
overwatering can cause rot.

: Winter the
container outdoors. Sustained temperatures below 32F and overnight temperatures
below 25F will require protection to prevent the pot from freezing. Winter
protection can include moving pots into a garage for a short amount of time, or
covering pots with a freeze cloth cover that can be obtained at most garden
centers. The smaller the pot, the faster it will freeze. In northern climates
with harsh winters sink the pot into the soil and cover it with mulch.

: Divide and
transplant your iris every couple of years to prevent them from crowding in the