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Potted Iris For April Shipping

Please check back this Spring for our potted iris! 

 As you may know, common wisdom   recommends that bearded iris be planted in   the summer months, which means that they   will bloom the following spring. For our   customers in the southern states, though, we   offer a sweet selection of six hardy bearded   iris in biodegradable pots ready for planting   in the spring. For best results, the threat of   frost must have already passed and the soil   must be soft enough to work.   NOTE:  Recommended delivery for USDA   zones 8a or higher. (AL (southern),   AR  (southern), AZ (southern), CA, GA, LA,   MS, NC, NM (southern), SC, TX) Use the   USDA zone finder map to determine your zone.

These plants are ready to go in the ground upon arrival, roots may even be seen protruding through the pots! This is a sign of plant vigor. For easiest care, simply plant your irises, pots and all, directly in your garden, making sure tops of rhizomes remain exposed. By getting your potted irises in the ground now, you have increased your chances of seeing bloom this year.


We guarantee our plants to survive the first year. Some varieties need a full year to settle in before producing bloom. For more general information on bloom and care, read our "How to Grow Iris" pages.