Mix and Match Giant Allium 2022 - Schreiner's Gardens

Mix and Match Giant Allium 2022

Shipping now! 

In this collection you will receive 2 bulbs of each Allium variety you select for a total of 8 bulbs. Your selection of Allium to choose from are pictured below, which include: Ambassador, Gladiator, Mount Everest, and Pinball Wizard. 

As an extra special bonus, for each Allium Collection ordered, you will receive five FREE bulbs of Drumstick, a miniature Allium!

Plant these exquisite Allium in a sunny spot when you receive them. Allium are the perfect companion to iris and other springtime perennials! 

PLEASE NOTE: Allium are prohibited in the following areas due to a state quarantine (we will not ship allium to these areas): Idaho and Washington. We also will not ship to the following Oregon zip codes: 97901, 97902, 97903, 97906, 97908, 97909, 97910, 97911, 97913, 97914, 97917, 97918, 97920.