Diablo Rojo

Diablo Rojo | 28

Diablo Rojo

Type: Tall Bearded (TB)
Style: Variegata
Height: 32.0"
Color: Red
Originator: Schreiner
Year: 2020
Bloom Season: Mid Season
Fragrant: Yes
Rebloom: No

-Coming 2022-

Psychologists have long been fascinated by redís influence on the human psyche. Add wine to the red and the psyche can get tipsy. All joking aside, for form, proportion, ruffling, wide hafts, perfectly semi-closed standards, substance, and slight flaring Diablo Rojo - this excellent rich merlot red - is unbeatable. Donít the conspicuous dark, burgundy beards add the crowning touch? Our red devil has great vigor, huge flowers and a strong, sweet scent highlighting its appeal. Too tempting. 

Seedling #2014 #2

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