Snappy Dresser

Snappy Dresser | 28

Snappy Dresser

Type: Tall Bearded (TB)
Style: Self
Height: 35.0"
Color: Lavender
Originator: Schreiner
Year: 2019
Bloom Season: Mid
Fragrant: No
Rebloom: No

-Coming 2022-

Solid colors deliver an intense garden pleasure. A luminous lavender self, with an eye-catching bright, orange beard, Snappy Dresser is compatible with any garden color scheme. Competing colors have the right to cry ‘no fair.’ Aside from the light crest of the falls, the rest of Snappy Dresser is solid lavender. Hazelnut hafts bring a pleasing bridge hue, connecting the lavender with orange beards. Note in our photograph the lustrous colors of this remarkable pastel introduction. Snappy Dresser shamelessly flaunts it. 

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