Tanzanite Twinkle

Tanzanite Twinkle | 28

Tanzanite Twinkle

Type: Tall Bearded
Style: Luminata
Height: 36.0"
Color: White and Purple
Originator: Schreiner
Year: 2017
Bloom Season: Mid to Late Season
Fragrant: No
Rebloom: No
Awards: HM '19.

-Coming 2022-

Tanzanite Twinkle boasts undeniable magnetism. Admirably shaped and proportioned, and with its forever undulating petals, it indeed twinkles like its namesake Tanzanite, a rare blue gem. Here we have a white iris with a cornflower blue purple overlay, more pronounced in the falls. The standards steal the show with the interplay between creamy white and the purple border interlaced with fine embroidery.

Colleen B. of Illinois won the 2016 Naming Contest, writing that "she thought it would twinkle in her garden like Tanzanite." PP1280-1 X First Stitch

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