Agate Beach

Agate Beach | 28

Agate Beach

Type: Tall Bearded (TB)
Style: Bicolor
Height: 34.0"
Color: Yellow and Purple
Originator: Schreiner
Year: 2021
Bloom Season: Midseason
Fragrant: Yes
Rebloom: No

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Price: $48.00

Are there agates on Oregon’s Agate Beach resembling our bicolor purple amoena? Even the initiated could be excused for asking, “Is this for real? Could three colors more beautifully come together, leaving one groping for words?” Enough questions. Nothing is more fun than marveling over everything! The warm, embracing sandstone color of the standards. How the base and the tips of the standards are consistent with glorious gold hafts. Like a chain reaction, the orange beards energize the luminous hafts, and the top of the falls pleasingly balance the unexpected color on the falls - lavender. Prettier than a rare agate, and as difficult to ignore. 

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