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Here at Schreiner's Iris Gardens, we take as much care with our Customer Service as we do with breeding and growing the very best Iris. We take pride in our satisfied customers. One of our prized collections in the office is the file of correspondence received over the years. Below is a collection of reviews posted to our site by fellow Iris gardeners. We invite you to share your experience growing Schreiner's Iris. Thank you and Happy Gardening!
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Beautiful flowers/allergies

A friend of mine brought me a bouquet of your iris and put them on my desk. Shortly after my head became stuffed up. As I was driving home my head cleared up just like that. I have purchased irises from you several times. They stuff me up, but I don't care, they are so beautiful. I m planning on visiting your gardens next year. In the meantime I'll place my order. I am willing to suffer through a stuffed up head In order to enjoy these beautiful iris.

Blooms For Generations to Come

Last year I was taking care of a lovely 94 year old lady and toward her last good mental days, she looked through my catalog. Noticing how her eyes lit up as she slowly absorbed the pictures, I thought why not order a few for a special memory garden. We talked it over and went to work for a whole week picking out the ones she would want. At home I quickly put together a raised bed and filled it with the right soil, etc. and we eagerly awaited the bulbs. They arrived just before she died but she knew her garden would bloom. This week I have been so totally in awe of her iris blooms and have sent photos as they bloom to her children. Thank each of you for you part in this as it is your effort to secure the best for your customers, that this memory will continue to be passed on to future family members.

Happy with Iris Order

I just received my first iris order and I'm so happy!!! I took my invoice and went back to the website to get photos of the iris. If I'd taken the time to inspect the iris in the package, I'd have seen how wonderful Schreiner's is!!! They tagged all of them with pics and descriptions. So lovely!!

Great irises

I've used Schneiner's irises for a few years now. The roots they send are so healthy and blooms are always exactly like they are depicted on their site. I love how the irises upgrade the look of my gardens.

First order ever of Iris!

I found Schreiner's on Google and I ordered over $100 of tall bearded to be delivered by November. Then I had to dig the new area to plant them! This is NH and all that you find when you try to dig is granite, big rocks and little and sometimes ledge. I managed to create the bed and waited anxiously for the package to arrive. When i opened it I was amazed at the size of the roots and the healthy appearance of them all. They are in the ground now and I am praying for some rain since we are quite dry and need it before winter starts. I cannot tell you how wonderful those iris looked when they arrived. And I can't wait for spring to see the first blooms. Schreiner's is 100% the best place to buy iris and I can't wait to order more next year!! Thank you Schreiner's.

Very Happy Customer

I have been buying my iris from Schreiners for many years. I moved to zone 2 from zone 7 in 2015 when we retired to the Sierras I potted up over 200 of my iris and worried about them all winter long. They didn't do well the winter of 2015 but last winter buried under 4 feet of snow I held my breath....and WOW what a beautiful show they put on. Some I had not seen in years. So of course I ordered too many as I do every year and have got them almost in the ground. I'm looking forward to visiting your gardens in 2019 when my two iris friends from Australia will be there.... :)

My recent order.

I received my order of 76 iris in early September and planted them the same day. I was amazed at the quality of your product; very large rhizomes and very healthy looking. They are already taking off nicely and as we are going into winter I am looking forward to spring.


There's one iris I adore over all the others I have from you and it is called Revere. Without a doubt it is one of the largest and most prolific bloomers of the many wonderful Schreiners iris I grow. This one I will never be without. Totally in love with "Revere"

Iris blooming in October

A few years ago we ordered some iris from you and they bloomed. Then, we moved to Texas and the heat and poor soil has been hard on them. To our surprise, the beautiful white iris just bloomed. As it was opening our temperatures were to be in the 30's so I cut it and brought it in. It is so beautiful. Wonderful smell and huge. Love my iris, Susie

Best Quality Products

Several years ago, I ordered nearly $500 worth of product (mostly Irises) from Schreiner's. I was so impressed with the quality of the product and the superior care taken in the labeling and packaging. I did have 1 item that appeared diseased and the company promptly, without questions, replaced that item. I have continued to enjoy the beautiful irises year after year. Their product is, in my opinion, the best on the market. Their customer service is excellent as well. I look forward to adding to my iris collection, with Schreiner's as my company of choice.

Schreiners garden

The finest display of iris anywhere. The friendliest people waiting to help with an order. Iris rhyzomes of the finest quality. Packed and shipped with care. I couldn't be happier.

Image Thank you Schreiner's!

I planted last Fall in Santa Fe, mulched with pine needles, and now have the first bloom. The dew is from this morning's melted snow! This Iris's name is "Habit". Thank you Schreiner's!

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