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Just received daylilies that were on sale. I have never seen such large plants and root systems. Will definitely be ordering more next year. Can't wait till they bloom next year. Just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer so hope I am here to see them next year. Thank you so much.

iris tradition

I remember as a kid my grandma would order iris from you. Her favorite was the loop to loop and it was my favorite too. She shared her bulbs with me and I have them at my house too. Some of my bulbs are about 30 years old


Every time I I receive my order I am amazed at the quality of the plants. Five to ten times the size of bareroot irises and day lilies that are from anybody else. It makes me wish I had an acre lot to plant . I wil never buy irises or daylilies from anyone else. Howard Killian

Nice plants

My club, IDIS, received an order of both daylilies and Iris. Wow! Huge plants, great variety and bonuses,too! Thank you!

New Growth

Image Testimonial

Left OR on 7/15/19. traveled 2500 miles to TN.. in the ground early 7/23 - "new-growth" shown 9/17/19. Each 'name, etc. label in individual 'snack' bag! Unbelievable growth in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!!

daylily order

I just received my order. I could not wait to tell you how pleased I am.I have been buying daylily plants for 25 yrs. from many growers and I have never gotten any as healthy and robust. I have over 600 and I am age 74. I have got to sell some of my old ones to make room for more of yours. As a MG, I will surely be recommending you.

New 'Rebloom' bud"

Image Testimonial

Less than two months from your back yard [ and 2500 miles ] to my front yard.. Again and Again does it again!!!

Unbelievable... thank you all.


Nicest plants I have ever received. Healthy! oh my! I will order again. Thank you.

Iris order received from OR to ARK

I was so impressed with the shipment I received. Iris were beautiful, full and green. Packed so carefully with love. Full instructions on all you need to know. This company takes PRIDE. I bought over 10 yrs ago in CA and the service has not changed. I can't wait for spring!

Beautiful Irises

Wow, these irises I received were the biggest I have ever seen, I think you even thru in a few extras that I really appreciate. Thank you again.

Love Them!

Just ordered a dozen or more and they are a great size when arrived. Will submit pictures once they're in bloom next year. We're north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the SF Bay area and the deer don't touch them. I've put these combos together as I love when a trio of them of contrasting colors bloom together. I put Magical Encounter, Speed Limit and Pure as Gold together as all realm and same bloom season. Also put Total Recall, Girly Girl, Many Mahalos, Blue Suede Shoes (rebloom, midseason). Summer Olympics, Best Bet, Lenora Pearl (rebloom, early season). Bountiful Harvest, Clarence, Invitation ( rebloom, early season). Magical Encounter, Autumn Tryst, Presby's Crown Jewel (rebloom, early, midseason). Mango Entree, Elegance in Blue, Company in Red (no rebloom, midseason late) Let's Fly, I Am, Fickle (no rebloom, midseason). So glad I found Schreiner's!

Daylily and Iris Blooms Thriving

Your dayilies are thriving here they are definitely the best cultivars I have ever received from anybody. Except for one variety, all of them have bloomed this year and some even have 2 or 3 stems. Today FASHION RINGS started to bloom again after a month and it is surely one of my favourites. And from irises I loved mostly POP IDOL which bloomed for the first time just after my return from my first flower exhibition and this variety was absolutely gorgeous. And your irises from last year have multiplied so much that it seems I will have to replant some of them next year.

Thank you! Pavel

Iris order received

I received my order and I just wanted you to know that the roots I received are beautiful!!! Large and healthy. I can't wait to see them bloom. Thank you!

Unbelievable beauty!

Image Testimonial

I ordered bulbs last summer for our new home in Estes Park, CO, altitude 7800 feet. They have stunned me with their exceptional beauty and so far the deer and elk leave them alone. Your company is a gift.


Last year was the first year I have ordered iris' from Schreiners. I did not mark some of them. When they bloomed I matched the little picture card that they sent with the rhizomes. I will NEVER do this again. This year for my birthday, my sister surprised me with a visit to Schreiner's garden in May. I have never been there. I was totally blown away. The blooming iris' were breathtaking. I made a list of all the iris' that caught my eye. When I returned home, I made my wish list. Well, the list had over 200 iris...the difficult part was...which ones to order. This might take me a couple of years to get all the iris' I want...but the enjoyment of seeing these beautiful flowers bloom in the spring is really worth it and I will be sure to mark ALL the new ones!

I've never seen iris like these

Image Testimonial

I've been planting Schreiner's iris for about 5 years. This year, they all came to full maturity. I've never seen iris like this - not in formal gardens, not at iris growers, not in paintings or photographs. Unbelievable, jaw-dropping gorgeous flowers. I'm on week three of full bloom, and if it doesn't get too hot, I'll be enjoying them on the 4th of July!!!


Image Testimonial

Neighbors are coming from blocks awayto take a picture of this glorious Revere Iris in my garden.

Very Satisfied Customer

Image Testimonial

I have been a customer for three years, and have purchased a large variety of irises and daylilies. They are magnificent! A year-two bloomer had 15 stems. No exaggeration, one rhizome produced 15 stems! I am located in NW Ohio, heavy rains this season and they are still absolutely beautiful! Also, I purchased daylilies last year. I received them in July; most of them were in bloom by August. I can't wait to see what they will look like this summer! I have purchased daylilies from other growers/distributors, and have never seen this before (blooming in the first season). Can't say enough about Schreiners! So glad I found them!

Gorgeous Iris

I have planted a lot of Schreiner Iris in my yard over the last couple of years and they are absolutely gorgeous. People stop in front of my house to comment on how beautiful they are. I plan to continue to build my assortment every year with these high quality rhizomes.

Dwarf bearded iris

Image Testimonial

I had seen dwarf bearded iris in a Botannical garden and immediately came to Schreiner's to find them. I planted my first ones last fall. They multiplied like crazy over the winter and are about the cutest, most delicate little things you have ever seen. They truly resemble regular bearded iris only tiny. I just put another group on my wish list. If you have a border or a small area they would be perfect.

lily bulbs

I just rec'd my order of oriental lilies. The bulbs were freshly dug and in great condition and they were a very nice size. The mailman said she knew that they were coming to my house because the box smelled like dirt. thanks you also for the bonus! I'm very pleased!

January Bloom

Image Testimonial

I live in Dallas TX. I have been planting your irises in my yard for 16 years. They usually burst into bloom late March through late May. I was diagnosed with metastatic renal cell cancer in late 2018. I started treatment at MD Anderson in Houston on Jan 9, 2019. On Jan 6, 2019 I found my Schreiners Iris, Autumn Tryst, which I had planted in Fall 2018 in bloom. What a wonderful reminder of how blessed I was when I was greeted before my journey with one of your beautiful irises in bloom. I have never before had an iris bloom this early.

Ordering since 1949

My family has been buying iris from Schreiner's since 1949 or before..always got good quality plants, polite service, beautiful blooms.. it's the best place to buy Iris.

Day lilies not tall bearded

I ordered iris from you and Cooley's 20 years ago. My tastes have changed to day lilies. So I had to give y'all a try. Schreiner's with Mariott as the hybridizer has his newer varieties at the best price. Even though the shipment had to travel almost to the right (East) coast, the ones I received were healthier and larger than the other two companies I ordered from. Little things like rubber banding loose rhizomes together make you the best. One company had loose rhizomes with no label and another did not have a variety true to name. You also gave a generous bonus. I will be checking online until next year's 'catalog' is available.


I recently became a customer for the first time. I am so impressed that the irises I planted just a couple of weeks ago here in NC are already showing new growth. So much better than irises I purchased from another company. You have gained a loyal customer. Can't wait for spring to see my blooms.


ordered 5 new lilies 2 of them are blooming! It's 9/15/18! Love them.

Plant quality

I have been working on making my back yard garden (which is just about my entire back yard- my wife complained that all the grass is gone!) self perpetuating. I had never thought of iris as a major part of that until I looked at what is available at Schreiner's. I had no idea that there are so many incredible iris. The colors are astounding. And the reblooming part means another round of color during our growing season.(zone 6). I wish Monet would have had these in his garden! Day lilies have been a favorite of mine after I figured out that you have to plant them so the sun is not pointing them away from you. I have a nice collection of "usual" repeaters. When I started looking at the plants available at Schreiner's, it was like another world opened to me. I still cannot believe all of these incredible plants exist and I had never seen them before looking at Schreiner's this year. And to top it off, I got "Griselda" as a bonus plant [with my order]. This one sells for $65 which is in the price category out of my league. It is so beautiful I may have to look at the high priced plants to find a splurge on occasion.

Iris review

Huge rhizomes! Very healthy plants and roots. Wonderful packaging. Although they were unable to give me a couple of irises due to a crop issue, they did not replace them with something I did not ask for. Instead they gave a refund. Will plan on purchasing from them again.

Love, Love, Love my Irises!!

Image Testimonial

I just started gardening this year and wanted to plant some irises! So, I purchased 10 Rosalie Figge rhizomes from Schreiner's Gardens and planted them at the beginning of August - just hoping I did everything right! I wasn't expecting anything this year since they were just separated, shipped and newly planted 4 weeks ago. But, yesterday 1 of them bloomed! And I have 2 others with buds and the rest with leaves that have begun to grow! I wish I could submit a picture because it's absolutely beautiful!!! 

Newly-received iris order goes wild

I discovered Schreiner's on the web in May and placed an order for just a few re-blooming bearded irises. As promised they arrived in early July, all well-packed and labeled and in great shape. I am excited about getting beautiful blooms from them next year and for years to come. However, one of them, "Total Recall, "which you described as a prolific bloomer, is in stunning bloom right now! It has three fully open flowers and four more buds on the way.

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