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Here at Schreiner's Iris Gardens, we take as much care with our Customer Service as we do with breeding and growing the very best Iris. One of our prized collections in the office is the file of correspondence received over the years. Below you'll find emails from several recent customers. We invite you to share your experience growing Schreiner's Iris. To share your experience, please click the "Submit a Testimonial" button. Thank you and Happy Gardening!

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My iris have arrived and I just had to let you know how pleased and excited I am. The packaging was outstanding and the treasures I discover upon opening the box were an amzing surprise! The rhizomes are just incredible - a healthy, gorgeous size all with excellent roots. I absolutely love the little photos and names that came with each iris. The iris booklet is also much appreciated. Well done and very, very professional!
Thanks to all the staff there who obviously do a tremendous job!

Customer for Life!

Last year a friend found a picture online of an iris and posted it!! I fell in love with that flower! I started searching the Internet over to find out where I could buy some. After a few attempts, I found the same iris at Schreiner's!!! The name of the iris was "Above the clouds."
I placed an order immediately!!! They arrived well packaged, planted them and when they bloomed I couldn't take my eyes off!! I took several pictures of the bloomed Iris and posted on my FB page!
So many of my friends said they haven't seen an iris that big and asked me where I got it! Of course I told them Schreiner's!!
Can't wait to see the blooms again this season!!
I'm a customer for life!! Thank you!!

Superb Quality/Customer Service

I recently placed an order with Schreiner's. It was my first time purchasing from them. I am so impressed with the entire process...from the design and detail of the website, friendly/knowledgeable/helpful customer service (when I called with questions) and the outstanding quality of the product. I ordered 50 (shh, don't tell my husband) bearded iris. They were freshly dug, well-formed and large! I am very pleased with my order and will be placing more orders in the future. Thank You

Received My Order

Got my order back at the end of July. Very healthy looking rhizomes. I was also very pleased that there were pictures of the blooms on the attached tags. That makes planting much easier when you don't have to refer back to the catalog to make sure you have the colors you wanted next to each other. This was my first order from you and if they are as vigorous in May as I think they will be I will be very pleased.

iris grouped by color suggestions.

Image iris grouped by color suggestions. I just received some big fat healthy rhizomes, can't wait to plant them. But I would love to have a place on your site for hints on which colors look well together and whether to plant them by season together or spread apart. How do you do it?

If I was a Millionaire...

I'd buy all of them. My wish list is long and getting longer! I am excited to have found your site.

Schreiner's Iris in containers

5 of my first 7 Schreiner's tall bearded iris growing in 5-gallon containers on my deck put on quite the show this year even if Play With Fire and Ocelot did not bloom...they will next year. Am so satisfied with the quality of the rhizomes and the fantastic selection you offer. Am going to order a Dwarf collection this fall and am so looking forward to seeing them bloom along side their big brothers! Thank you Schreiner's for making my deck a bright and lovely place to sit in the sun and admire my gorgeous iris!

Best Garden Purchase Ever

Last year I bought iris from you for the first time. I was still waiting on some locally grown iris to bloom after 2 years, but I knew if I kept at it, eventually I'd get blooms. When your iris arrived last summer it was immediately evident that they were bigger and more hefty than any I'd bought locally. Sure enough, this spring your iris were up early and strong. I had a fantastic display of spring color from last year's planting while I'm still waiting for other inferior plants to bloom for the first time. I am a devoted customer now and will never buy any where else! Thank you for a beautiful garden. It's June 24th and at 6700' elevation in Colorado, I still have blooms opening.

iris collection

Last year i ordered the Peacock collection. Out of the 7 iris I received 4 died, and the other 3 are growing, but not very good. None bloomed.I have contacted customer service and will receive a replace for the dead ones. As a whole I am very disappointed in my order

First time buyer.......

Image First time buyer....... It has been a blessing to be able to have my family move into my Grandparents home. My only disappointment is that all of my Grandmother's Irises which used to cover the property are now gone. My wife and I have decided to bring these wonderful flowers back in memory of my Grandmother. I did a lot of research on suppliers and chose Schreiner's. We have been waiting for the last week for the first Iris to bloom. What an amazing bloom!  And, how appropriate that it was "Sunrise Elegy". Thank you and we look forward to a long relationship with Schreiner's.

tall beards

I recently placed an order. I think this is my fifth year. We had a very bad winter in northern WI and I lost some of my last year's order, I told the girl who took my order, and she told me there would not be a problem replacing them. l would like to thank everybody at Schreiner's for being so thoughtful, and putting such a fine product on the market. Bob Strassman.

Cut Iris

Image Cut Iris I have ordered the cut iris for several years now. They are truly magnificent.

A Beautiful Spring in Maryland

I counted more than one hundred blooms from ten varieties of Schreiners bearded iris in my front yard a week ago. They had names like Oregon Mist, Joker, Clown
Memphis Blue, Yellow Sunburst when I bought them beginning ten years ago. One year several blooms were as big as grapefruit. Another year I had a display of one beautiful white in the midst of purple blue iris. It matched the Van Gogh painting I saw in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City . I bought the Van Gogh poster from the museum, placed it in front of my iris bed, and took a picture. THAT was a great year for Oregon iris!

Iris of All Sizes

I have been ordering from you off on for years and have yet to be disappointed. Thank you! I just started ordering sizes other than the Tall bearded and kick myself for not doing it sooner. They are just charming.

Absolute beauties in South Mississippi

Image Absolute beauties in South Mississippi

These were a Mothers day gift from my husband last year. The Rhizomes were huge and healthy. The blooms this year are gorgeous. They required little care.

Big, Beautiful Rhizomes, Great Customer Service

Linda G., West Virginia
Ordered many times over the years from Schreiner's and always received big, beautiful, freshly dug rhizomes. Consistently the very best quality with great customer service.

California to Oregon Garden

I can hardly wait to have your iris growing in my Or. garden They were lovely and loved by all my neighbors in my Ca. garden. I now live in Or. and look forward to visiting your garden soon.

Satisfied Customer Review

Image Satisfied Customer Review Schreiner's rocks the iris world. Your selection is second to none, as is the size and health of the rhizomes you ship. Is there a better combination than variety of selection and quality of product? No way. This will be my 6th or 7th straight year ordering from you guys. Always worthwhile...I think I'll attach a photo of First Interstate and Over Alaska getting cozy in our garden (they were part of my first year's order from you guys)...

Iris True to Color

I love my Schreiner's Iris they are always true color and size, can't wait for last fall planting to bloom.

Super Duper Irises

The biggest, fattest, tallest, most splendiferously colored irises in the world come from Schreiner's!!

Beautiful Iris

Your Iris's are beautiful, I stop there every year on Memorial day to get flowers for Cemeteries.

Customer Service

Image Customer  Service

It has been a pleasure to deal with Schreiner's Iris staff for at least 15 years and from two states, MA and AR. I had the pleasure of visiting their gardens a couple of years ago and meeting the staff who have always been considerate and helpful . The picture is only a few of the Iris I enjoy each year that originated in Schreiner's.

For the last forty five years I have enjoyed a passion for the simplicity of the iris bloom. This started one Mother’s Day in1975. On my way back to Bend I stopped in at Schreiners Iris gardens. I was amazed at the beautiful gardens and only twenty five I still spent $80 on iris’s I saw growing in the gardens. That day Mr. Shreiner took time to explain the process of developing the varieties of iris’s I saw in the garden that day. In thirty short minutes he passed on his passion to me. Each spring when my iris’s start their climbing to blooming I remember the gardens and the author of much of the greatest I enjoy.

For the last forty five years I have enjoyed a passion for the simplicity of the iris bloom. This started one Mother's Day in 1975. On my way back to Bend I stopped in at Schreiner's Iris gardens. I was amazed at the beautiful gardens and only twenty five I still spent $80 on irises I saw growing in the gardens. That day Mr. Schreiner took time to explain the process of developing the varieties of irises I saw in the garden that day. In thirty short minutes he passed on his passion to me. Each spring when my irises start their climbing to blooming I remember the gardens and the author of much of the greatest I enjoy.

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