10-10-10 Natural Based Daylily Food

Daylily fertilizer | Fertilizing Daylilies

10-10-10 Natural Based Daylily Food

Price: $12.95

Daylilies thrive in rich, moist, and well-drained garden soils. Over time, soil nutrient levels become depleted, and should be replenished with each growing season. We recommend an annual regimen of our specially formulated Schreinerís Gardens 10-10-10 Fertilizer for the long-term health of your daylily plants. You will be rewarded with good plant growth and beautiful blossoms. 

One application of fertilizer applied each spring after the risk of frost has passed may be sufficient. However, a second and third application may be applied prior to bloom, and then again in late summer or early fall, depending on plant vigor. Application is also recommended at time of planting new divisions.The 1-lb bag typically covers approximately 25 newly planted daylilies when applied as directed. Ships free!

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